Carnelian Teardrop Pendant


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A beautiful teardrop pendant – sold with a black suede necklace, 16inches with a 2cm chain allowance,2mm thickness, easily removable if you have a necklace that you would like to slip this pendant onto .

925 Sterling Silver with a carnelian stone :

Carnelian is a stone that connects to the lower chakras. This means that it brings the metaphysical properties of being a gem that offers stability, grounding, a zest for life, and helps to improve confidence and creativity.

Detail: Carnelian is an orange opaque variety of Chalcedony.
Chemical Composition: SiO2
Origin: India, Brazil, Madagascar
Finish: Polished
Colour: Orange

6.0 – 7.0g

Approximate dimensions – 1.50 x 2.10cm

Carnelian pendant in Teardrop shape set in 925 sterling silver.