Send & Mend

Lost a button to your favorite garment ? Broken a zip ? Or torn your hem ? Maybe your beloved knitted jumper has a hole in it that needs mending ?
Whatever the mend we hope to be able to help.
Our brand new ‘Send & Mend’ option does exactly what is says on the tin !
Email us an image of your mend required no matter where you are in the U.K here :
We will take a look and let you know if we can help – we will give you a price and ask that you send it to us via Royal Mail with a speedy return service of no longer than 5 days from receipt of the item/items.
Local ? You can drop by with your item(always email us first) and it will be ready to collect within 5 working days.
We also offer an ** Express ** service if you are in a hurry – email us for more information.

Feedback :
” Camilla’s work with a stupendous amount of my clothing-Years I have been keeping things aside hoping at some stage I can wear all my favourite things again. Camilla not only made all my clothes look amazing and revived them back to life. She did them so promptly and they are all so great to see made up again. I can not explain how grateful and how happy I am with her and her work. I would encourage you to send your pieces her way, you will be as pleased as me 🙂 “